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PFC-1: Retirement Plan Consulting for Financial Professionals, 4th Ed. - Distributable PDF
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January 1, 2015 To January 1, 2079
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Written by Sarah Simoneaux, CPC

This text is required reading for the PFC-1 examination. The PFC-1 examination is required for ASPPA's QPFC credential.

Retirement Plan Consulting for Financial Professionals was written specifically for financial professionals who work with plan sponsors and their retirement plans. The textbook covers the day-to-day needs of the financial professional in the areas of administration, compliance and plan design. Its goal is to help the financial professional distinguish between the various plans and plan features that are available, and to illustrate what situations may create pitfalls for clients.

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Topics covered include:

Overview of Retirement Plans
Understanding the Employer: Types of Entities, Employees and Plans
Understanding the Employer: Complex Employer Structures
Defined Contribution Plans
Defined Benefit Plans
401(k) Plan Design
Hybrid Plan Designs
Eligibility and Vesting
Asset and Benefit Rules
Defined Contribution Plans: Contribution Allocations and Deductions
401(k) Plans: Deferrals, Catch-ups and Roth Accounts
Highly Compensated and Key Employees
Coverage and Nondiscrimination Testing
401(k) Nondiscrimination Testing (ADP/ACP)
Plan Document Basics
Effects of Plan Changes
Distributions and Taxation
Form 5500 - A Plan's Annual Return
Ethics: ASPPA Code of Professional Conduct